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 President's Message


Welcome to the Placerville Garden Club! It is my honor to serve as the club’s first president and I look forward to working closely with all members to achieve the goals set forth by the club. As we move forward, it will be important to build our plans, activities, and events on the original intent of the Placerville Garden Club, which is to provide an outlet for gardeners of all expertise to learn, share and support related garden activities that benefit the gardeners and the community.

The Board and members have lots of exciting plans as we move forward and hopefully, put COVID-19 behind us. Here’s hoping you’ll join in and offer your expertise, interest, and support! As our motto says, “Let’s Grow Together!”

Best Regards,

Diane Hernandez,                           

Placerville Garden Club

January 2023

California poppy field, California, USA_
Male Lesser Goldfinch (Spinus psaltria)

The Placerville Garden Club Seal

The California Golden Poppy and the Lesser Goldfinch reflect our historic Gold Country surroundings. Together they inspire us to create beauty around us and within us.

Our Motto: Let's Grow Together!

Our motto, Let's Grow Together!, helps us to strive to provide opportunities for gardeners of all expertise to learn, share and support gardening activities that benefit not only our members, but our community at large. 


Since the first meeting in March 2018, our club has continued to grow.  Pre

-COVID membership was 99 members. In 2021-2022 the membership sat at approximately 90 members. Today we continue to expand our community outreach, offer a variety of workshops, bring in guest speakers and organize garden visits and tours. We encourage members to volunteer and to support the goals of the Garden Cub. Membership dues enable the Club to pay for such expenses as fees for membership in the California Garden Clubs, Inc., membership in the National Garden Club and other benefits such as printing materials, this website, speakers and other expenses as needed.

Membership for the 2022-2023 season (July-June), is $25 per individual and $35 per household. Mid-year (Jan - June) is $13 and $18. To join the Club, dues may be paid by cash or check at a Garden Club meeting along with a Membership Form or you may mail the form with a check to:

Placerville Garden Club, 2957 Carson Road, Placerville, CA 95667.  

For Meeting Topics, Speakers,

Events, and Location


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