History: President's Message


Welcome to the Placerville Garden Club! It is my honor to serve as the club’s first president and I look forward to working closely with all members to achieve the goals set forth by the club. As we begin the new year (2019-2020), it will be important to build our plans, activities and events on the original intent of the Placerville Garden Club, which is to provide an outlet for gardeners of all expertise to learn, share and support related garden activities that benefit the gardeners and the community.

The Board and members have lots of exciting plans for the coming year, including installing a Christmas tree on Highway 50’s Christmas Tree Lane, participating in the Hangtown Christmas Parade, hosting our first “Garden Extravaganza,” offering member garden tours, field trips and of course, our monthly guest speakers.


Here’s hoping you’ll join in and offer your expertise, interest and support! As our motto says, “Let’s Grow Together!”


                                                                                 Best regards,

     Diane Hernandez, President

     Placerville Garden Club

     January 2019

The Placerville Garden Club Seal

The California Golden Poppy and the Lesser Goldfinch reflect our historic Gold Country surroundings. Together they inspire us to create beauty around us and within us.

Our Motto: Let's Grow Together!

Our motto, Let's Grow Together!, helps us to strive to provide opportunities for gardeners of all expertise to learn, share and support gardening activities that benefit not only our members, but our community at large. 



Since the first meeting in March 2018, our club has grown to more than 80 members. Today, we continue to expand our community outreach, offer a variety of workshops, bring in guest lecturers and organize garden visits and tours. We encourage our members to volunteer, and to support our goals.

Membership dues enable the Club to pay for such expenses as fees for membership in the California Garden Clubs Inc., (which provides our club with insurance, membership in the National Garden Club, and other benefits); name cards; printed outreach materials; costs related to speakers; and other expenses as required. For questions, please or comments, please see Contact.

 The Placerville Garden Club


Though the Placerville Garden Club is relatively new, it has achieved a great deal in its short existence. The first meeting took place on March 13, 2018, at the El Dorado County Library in Placerville. Though it was a rainy, blustery day, approximately 25 people attended. Diane Hernandez, the Founder, gave an overview of the National and California Garden Clubs, Inc. and surveyed the attendees as to what their interests were. She also invited attendees to join her in a subsequent meeting to conduct research, draft a meeting format, and make recommendations for the proposed garden club.


In April 2018, Donna Ayerst, Susan King, Linda Martenot, Kathie Nowka, and Marilyn Petersen-Olson joined Diane to form the first Placerville Garden Club Board. Steph Gabler joined the Board in June 2018. The garden club met the second Tuesday of each month and membership was $20. In addition to the monthly speakers, some members opened their gardens to tour and fundraisers and workshops were offered. The club also provided a Facebook page and club website, which can be found at www.placervillegardenclub.club.


The club membership quickly grew to 95 members! Therefore, in January 2019, the club moved to a larger venue: the Veteran’s Memorial Building in Placerville. In April 2019, it was determined that it would be in the best interest of the club to join the Golden Foothills District, which involves California and National Garden Clubs, Inc. Elections were held in May 2019, and Bylaws and standing rules were drafted and approved by the membership in June 2019. Membership was increased to $25 per individual or $35 per household. The Board also completed and submitted the various forms for membership to the California Garden Club, Inc.  In September 2019, the club began contributing to the Penny Pines Program.

Since March 2020, the CORONA-19 pandemic has made it impossible to hold our general meetings. Because of this, the PGC Board voted to reduce the annual membership fee to $20 per individual, and $30 per family. 

Lastly, the club continues to strive to meet the needs of its membership and anticipates a successful future!

We depend on you!!