Winter is Here!

The last of the leaves are hanging on, but will soon be gone. Creeks are trickling and ponds are filling. It is dark by 5 p.m. 

Now is the time to prune trees and trim-back shrubs. Finish raking your leaves into piles for mulch. Clean out your gardens. Burn your downed branches. And enjoy the crisp air.

Read a UCCE Master Gardener's article on "Keeping Your Houseplants Alive Over Winter" HERE

Fire Season is
Year Round

With recent rains, the risk of wildfires lowers. However, keeping your property cleaned up year-round is good advice: pick-up downed limbs and other brush; rake leaves and clean out gutters; replace dead plants with ones that are fire-resistant. Your 100' defensible space should be clear around all structures!

If you are considering burning some of that brush you have piled up, please remember that you must call El Dorado County's "Burn Day" information line at (530) 621-5897 immediately prior to burning, as burn restrictions can change throughout the day. This applies during the year, and that includes winter as well.

El Dorado County is partnering with CalFire by offering seniors (depending on age and income level) a program to remove dying or dead trees within 300 feet of a residence. For more information SEE HERE.

Be prepared for PG&E's power outages should the forecast call for high winds during dry conditions. For faster power outage alerts and information, set up automated alerts via text, email or phone. Visit PG&E to set up alerts with your online account.