Transitioning Your
Garden to Winter

It was a rough summer with relentless heat and smoke. We grieve for those who lost loved ones and/or property in the fires and from COVID-19.

This year, leaves were quick to fall, along with the first rain. With the weather growing cooler, fragile plants need to be brought indoors and gardens need to be cleaned out. Don't forget to get a Burn Permit before burning garden waste and always check to see if it is a permissive Burn Day.

Climate Change and the Changing Seasons for Gardeners. Don't miss this NY Times article.

Climate Change is real. Follow the National Resources Defense Council HERE


Keep up with your gardening chores by following the UCCE Master Gardeners' Monthly Tips


Don't miss Giving TuesdayUpdates This is your chance to support groups important to you, including UCCE Master Gardeners!

National Garden Clubs provide and promote the love of gardening, floral design, and civic and environmental responsibility. Learn more HERE.

Also, do not miss the opportunity to learn more by taking advantage of the NGC's educational programs. Learn more HERE.

Moving On...

Finally, seasonal rain has arrived! If you haven't done so already, get your gutters cleaned out! If you have tree limbs threatening a structure, call a local arborist. Follow the above steps for how to safely clear downed brush.

For more, see UCNR's listings of News and Events. This website covers everything from growing nuts to how Native Americans view Thanksgiving.

Snow has now blanketed the Sierra in El Dorado County. We think of the holidays and the loved ones we have lost to COVID-19. They will be missed at the holiday table.


The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Services encourages all residents to enroll to receive emergency alerts through CodeRED at the El Dorado County website and click on the CodeRED logo.

In addition to receiving CodeRED alerts through voice, text messages and emails, residents can also download the CodeRED Mobile Alert app on the App Store and Google Play. The app will send free push notifications of emergency, community and missing person alerts to mobile subscribers within a warning area. Alerts are initiated by El Dorado County as well as public safety officials throughout North America.

Remove Dead Trees

El Dorado County is partnering with CalFire by offering seniors (depending on age and income level) a program to remove dying or dead trees within 300 feet of a residence. For more information SEE HERE.

Power Outages

Be prepared for PG&E's power outages should the forecast call for high winds, heavy rains or snow, and other inclement weather. For faster power outage alerts and information, set up automated alerts via text, email, or phone. Visit PG&E to set up alerts with your online account.