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On March 16, 2021, the PGC and the Placerville VFW Post 10165, joined forces to enhance the garden adjacent to the parking lot at the VFW building on Placerville Dr. The project, a brainchild of PGC and VFW member Veronica Salter, drew volunteers from both organizations. By the end of the morning, the garden bed was ready for planting bulbs, seeds, and shrubs. The project was supported by a donation from Home Depot.

The Placerville Garden Club Joins with the Placerville VFW on Beautification Project    


On March 16, 2021, the PGC and the Placerville VFW Post 10165, joined forces to enhance the garden adjacent to the parking lot at the VFW building on Placerville Dr. The project, a brainchild of PGC and VFW member Veronica Salter, drew volunteers from both organizations. By the end of the morning, the garden bed was ready for planting bulbs, seeds, and shrubs. The project was supported by a donation from Home Depot.


Left: Veronica Salter (L) and PGC president, Diane Hernandez (R) ready the soil for Susie King to plant.


The Placerville Garden Club Holds First In-Person Meeting Since the Arrival of COVID-19       

Hello All,


On Oct. 13, 2020, the Placerville Garden Club (PGC) met in person (albeit outdoors)! The goal of the meeting was to just share experiences gardening during COVID19 and at times, smoky skies. Members shared "lows" such as not being able to find seeds/seedlings locally. Also, the challenge of working in the heat and smoke. Lastly, there was disappointment that the PGC was unable to hold in-person meetings. On the high end, members got lots done in their own gardens! 


We also discussed ways in which the garden club can move forward keeping in mind the current circumstances. Some suggestions were: meet outdoors as possible. Zoom meetings as needed. Find speakers willing to present via Zoom. Provide a PGC table at local farmers' markets. Assist with outdoor projects at the fairgrounds, assist with replanting in burned-out areas, or clean up vets/elderly gardens. Hold member garden tours. Sell plants/crafts online at PGC "Market Place" web page. Sell things at the farmstand (Diane's). Social distancing field trips to outdoor locations. Reserve a Christmas tree again this year! Members host garden tours. Continue donating to the Penny Pines Project.


Susie King and I also shared Pinterest "pumpkin decor"! See below.


Moving forward, the PGC's next meeting is Tuesday, November 10th @ 10:00 AM. If the weather is good, we'll meet outdoors at the fairgrounds again. If the weather doesn't cooperate, we'll meet via Zoom conferencing. Stay tuned for more information!


Lastly, a big thank you to Donna Ayerst, Judy Cooper, Leeann Stewart, Linda Martenot, Susie King, Dee Desmond (and daughter Shannon) Rae Gamble, and Linda Schwartz for their generous donations of flowers, produce, and crafts to the PGC to be sold at the farm stand or perhaps even later, online.  The farmstand is at 2957 Carson Road, Apple Hill (my driveway!) Friday-Monday through October, 9:00 AM -5:00 PM. If you're thinking about coming, I'd suggest avoiding Saturdays and Sundays. Check out the pic in front of my driveway last Saturday!


Take care, Diane

Placerville Garden Club Supports Patients of Snowline Hospice with Flowers for Mother's Day

May 6, 2020: Snowline Hospice reached out to the Placerville Garden Club in a pinch! Due to COVID-19, they were unable to work with their usual florist, so they contacted us. With the help of PGC members Diane Hernandez, Donna AyerstSteph Kiger GablerRae Burnett GambleLinda MartenotSusan Poteet King, Kathie Nowka, and Marilyn Olson-Petersen, the Club was able to gather flowers from our gardens and make approximately 40 bouquets for Hospice patients and their caregivers...just in time for Mother's Day!

In addition to providing fresh flower bouquets, the Placerville Garden Club coordinated with Snowline Hospice to provide video garden tours to brighten their patients' day. Tour PGC president Diane Hernandez's beautiful garden HERE. (click on the Expand button to view in full screen).


(l to r) On May 6, PGC member Rae Burnett Gamble, PGC President Diane Hernandez and PGC Secretary Linda Martenot, among others, joined to create bouquets for Snowline Hospice patients.

(l to r) PGC President Diane Hernandez with Bonnie Davis, CVA,

Director of Workforce Development and Volunteer Services at Snowline Hospice, with bouquets donated by the Placerville Garden Club for the Hospice's patients.

Fairgrounds Beautification Project and Plant Extraganza Craft Workshop

Vice President Susie King opened the February 11, 2020 meeting by displaying a Certificate of Appreciation awarded to the Placerville Garden Club by the Placerville Veterans of Foreign Wars for the assistance the club has given the VFW members.


Master Gardener and PGC member Gail Butler followed with a discussion of the meeting she had with officials of the El Dorado County's Fairgrounds, hoping to find ways in which the PGC might help to beautify and maintain specific garden plots within the acreage. Her enthusiasm was infectious as she explained the various possibilities and needs of the project. A suggestion was made for members to collectively visit the site to see where our time and efforts may be put to best use. 


Steph Gabler then presented "Tips and Tricks" on using alcohol to clean the inside of cloudy glass vases or decanters.


Then, PGC members pitched in to create bird wreaths made of peanuts, and small planters from wine corks, all to be sold at the June 6 PGC Plant Sale Extravaganza! A very busy meeting indeed!

Kicking-Off 2020 with a Watery Green Thumb: How to Create Table-Top and Floating Gardens

Sue Golden, of Golden Water Ponds in Loomis, brought all of her tricks and greenery to the Placerville Garden Club's first general meeting of 2020 on January 14. Judging by the large crowd, the topic was popular with old and new members alike. Carnivorous Trumpet Plants, winter blossoms, a variety of greens and many more cuttings and plants, were all put to good use, as were various containers, styrofoam, and spray foam! Although we did not make a video of Sue's demonstration, many more ideas (such as these) can be found on YouTube.

PGC Holiday Activities: Bedecking the VFW Hall and Serving the Holiday Meal, Learning to Make a Wreath, Marching in the Placerville Christmas Parade, and Joining In the PGC Holiday Party. 

There is no doubt about it! The Placerville Garden Club went full-tilt for the Holidays! Beginning with Christmas Tree Lane, followed by decorating Placerville's VFW Memorial Building for the Vets' Holiday Dinner (with PGC members serving the meal), to a wreath-making workshop, the flurry of activity is without precedent! Members joined Placerville's Annual Christmas Parade, followed by the Club's own Holiday Party a few days later. Happy Holidays to All and for the New Year!

PGC Holiday Party and Gift Exchange


Placerville Christmas Parade 2019


            VFW Holiday Dinner

Wide view wreath.jpg

Holiday Wreath-Making Workshop

Decorating the Placerville Garden Club's Tree on U.S. 50's "Christmas Tree Lane"

On November 23, 2019, members of the Placerville Garden Club volunteered to get up early to claim the Club's Christmas tree for Placerville's annual "Christmas Tree Lane" on U.S. 50. Club members festooned the tree with decorations made at a recent Club meeting, amongst other garden-related objects.

IMG_0115 (1).jpeg
The Placerville Garden Club Gets Ready for their Christmas Activities

This Christmas season marks the Placerville Garden Club's many firsts: supporting the VFWs Holiday Dinner; decorating their tree on U.S. 50's Christmas Tree Lane; donating to Toys for Tots, and participating in Placerville's Christmas Parade with a float that celebrates a "Frosty Garden". The PGC meeting on November 12, 2019, was a busy one with making decorations for the tree and the float. Everyone was fueled by the tasty treats donated by our members!

Green Acres Comes to the Placerville Garden Club


The first thing we learned about Green Acres is that it is not a large corporation, but a family business that has been in operation for some forty years! Our meeting on October 8, 2019, featured guest speakers Greg Gayton, who has been with Green Acres since its inception, and Paul Sanders, formerly of Front Yard Nursery (Front Yard Nursery recently announced it is closing, which will leave behind some dedicated gardeners). 

The two speakers reminded our members of the value of creating good soil. Much as we feed ourselves, our soil needs appropriate feedings, especially if we are growing food for our table. Fall is the time to prepare the soil for spring plantings. Various organic amendments, oils and particularly, worm casings, were discussed. Placerville Garden Club members had the opportunity to ask the duo many, many questions. Green Acres generously donated plants and a gift certificate for our monthly "opportunity table." No doubt everyone is busy in their gardens now, thanks to Green Acres' Greg and Paul!

Second Annual PGC Garden Party at Don and Carol LaGrand's Somerset Gardens

Following a wonderful event in 2018, Placerville Garden Club members were anxious to see the changes in the gardens that Don LaGrand had put on display. This year's visit to Somerset on Sept. 21, 2019, did not disappoint! Roses were in full bloom, the vineyard was ready for harvest (all grapes had been sold to a winery that morning) and flowers were on display everywhere. After an incredible lunch, which included Don's home-style smoked ribs, tri-tip, salmon AND chicken, along with an enormous variety of side dishes and desserts brought by the guests. After lunch, Don took the guests on a tour of his incredible property. Once again, thank you, Don and Carolyn, for sharing your beautiful home and garden!

Dancing Beetle Flower Farm's Kate Lockwood Gives the Down and Dirty Aspects of Flower Farming

On Sept. 10, 2019,  Kate Lockwood, of the Dancing Beetle Flower Farm in El Dorado, California, gave an informative, rousing talk on the joys and pitfalls of growing flowers for the florist trade. Fortunately, PGC members were just hoping to learn how to grow enough flowers to fill a vase or two, not the thousands of stems Kate and her husband-to-be nurse from seed to sale. Her presentation elicited an abundance of questions on everything from sharpening your pruners, to where to purchase the most reliable materials. To learn more, see Kate's PowerPoint.

A new feature of the monthly meetings is "Tips and Tricks," organized by PGC Vice President Susie King. This month's "Tip" was basically about how to determine what kind and how many plants you will need for a particular space. According to King, one must first identify the location and which types of plants will thrive. Once you have the size of the space nailed down, she recommends getting a wagon (or two) at your favorite nursery and filling it with appropriate plants just to get an idea. Be prepared! The "Trick" is getting out of the nursery without buying all of the plants you have chosen!

After the exciting monthly raffle/drawing, Placerville Garden Club President, Diane Hernandez, then focused the group on choosing a community project(s) from the various ideas Club members had submitted at the August meeting. Members were enthusiastic about a project for veterans, possibly working towards a Blue Star Memorial. And finally, a wooden house was passed around for contributions to Penny Pines, a reforestation program supported by National Garden Clubs.

DSC_8699 (1).jpg
DSC_8724 (1).jpg
DSC_8704 (1).jpg
DSC_8702 (1).jpg
DSC_8718 (1).jpg
DSC_8727 (1).jpg

The meeting ended with a vote by show of hands for the official flower and bird of the Placerville Garden Club.

The Winners: The California Golden Poppy and Goldfinch.
Placerville Garden Club Meeting Welcomes Guest Speaker John de Graaf 

On August 13, 2019, PGC members, along with other garden club members and master gardeners from within our region, paid rapt attention to the environmentalist. filmmaker and proponent of beauty in one's life, John de Graaf. He stressed that beauty, not only in art and literature but most importantly in nature, gives us a sense of well-being. When he asked the packed crowd how many people live in our area because of the natural beauty around us, most everyone raised their hands. To learn more about de Graff's philosophy, see

After the break, PGC Vice President Susie King presented the first of what is hoped to be a regular event at meetings, "Tips and Tricks." Susie offered some simple pointers on establishing roses, among other ideas. PGC members are invited to present their own ideas at future meetings by emailing a request to


The meeting then broke up into groups to discuss suggestions on how the club can move forward and what would our members like to see the club accomplish. 

DSC_8597 (1).jpg
DSC_8637 (1).jpg
DSC_8642 (1).jpg
DSC_8647 (1).jpg
Tour to PGC's Member Don LaGrand's Somerset Gardens


On June 7, PGC members were invited to Don and Carolyn La Grand's for a barbecue and tour of their gardens. Over the past three years, PGC member Don LaGrand has transformed their large property into a series of unique gardens, each with its own theme of plants: vineyard; wildflowers; plants that attract hummingbirds; shade plants; native plants; roses everywhere; and even one in honor of the Placerville Garden Club! A huge accomplishment from this dedicated gardener!


     Thank You Don and Carolyn!      From the PGC

Tour to Crystal Vista Iris Garden


Placerville Garden Club members had the pleasure to visit Susan Wallior's Crystal Vista Iris Garden on May 4. Susan has been a California Iris grower since 1992. She is a member of the American Iris Society and has a passion for these lovely plants. Her backyard garden is beautifully landscaped with more than 550 varieties and offers an exquisite view of the Sierras.

PGC's Community Beautification Project


On March 30, Placerville Garden Club members worked on the Club's first beautification project at the VFW Memorial Building in Placerville. A large planter was constructed for the front of the building, while two planters were filled with flowers and positioned at the entrances. 

PGC's First Anniversary Celebration on March 2019


The Placerville Garden Club began in March 2018 when Diane Hernandez posted a flyer at various garden outlets around town. Some 22 people attended the first meeting at the Placerville Library. The Club now boasts more than 90 members and has taken up residence at the VFW Memorial Building.

Flower Arranging Workshop

PGC Board Member, Susie King, opened her lovely garden for Placerville Garden Club's first workshop on the ins and outs of arranging flowers.

flower arranging.jpg
Placerville Garden Club's Kick-Off Event at Boeger Winery

Our first event was held in March 2018, at Placerville's Boeger Winery, established in 1972. Winemaker, Byron Elmendorf, took our members on a tour of the winery, followed by an informative talk on the trials and tribulations of establishing a vineyard and the joys of the finished product.