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New This Year: The PGC Farm Stand Needs You!


Sept. 21: From PGC President Diane Hernandez: Well, it's done and Apple Hill is getting busy! Thanks to my husband Rick for his patience, help, and hard work building the stand. It will be installed at the end of our driveway (2957 Carson Road, Apple Hill)  and open Friday-Sunday through October.


The plan is to sell flower bouquets, pumpkins, produce, lavender products (soap, sachets), fall crafts, etc. The proceeds will help support the PGC!  We could really use members' help to fill those baskets/containers by donating flowers (for example...zinnias, sunflowers, dahlias, greenery, etc.) for bouquets, produce, pumpkins, garden-related crafts, etc. Or, do you sew and want to make garden-related masks to sell? Any other ideas? Can you help? Please reply to

The September PGC Facebook Challenge Winner is Pauline Atkins

Placerville Garden Club members can win a $20 gift card to Green Acres by entering the Facebook Challenge.. Contestants must provide a photo of an unusual item used as a plant container.  Check out the PGC's Facebook page for the next Facebook Challenge--You could be the Winner!

September 25, 2020: Pauline Atkins is the winner of this month's Facebook Challenge! Congratulations to Pauline! Check out the PGC's Facebook page for the next Facebook Challenge, you could be the winner!

We Have a Winner for the First PGC Facebook Challenge!

July 25, 2020; Placerville Garden Club Member, Ann Melchiori, is the winner of the PGC'S FIRST Facebook Challenge Contest (and a $20 gift card to Green Acres). Contestants were asked to provide a photo of an unusual item used as a plant container. One has to wonder what Ann has on her feet now that her boots are used for succulents!!! Congratulations Ann! Check out the PGC's Facebook page for the next Facebook Challenge.

Placerville Garden Club Wins First Place: Twice!

June 1, 2020: From PGC President Diane Hernandez: Congratulations to the Placerville Garden Club and especially Donna Ayerst, Communications Director! PGC received a FIRST PLACE AWARD for a Website design from the California Garden Club, Inc.'s annual Awards Competition. The PGC also received a $50 check. Thanks to Donna for her insight, perseverance, and hard work. Congrats to all of the CGCI winners! 

UPDATE: Congratulations are once again in order as the Placerville Garden Club has won FIRST PLACE for Website design in the National Garden Clubs, Inc. Awards Competition! You may recall that we placed first place in the California Garden Clubs, Inc. last month. All of this is of course, due to the skill and hard work of our Communications Director, Donna Ayerst. 


A comment by an NGC judge read, "Beautiful site. Very easy to navigate and attractive to the public. If I were curious about what this club offered, a visit to their site and I would want to know more or even join! Links and videos are attractive to visitors. Great #1 site for this category." Another fantastic job...thanks to Donna!