PGC News

Placerville Garden Club Wins First Place!

June 1, 2020: From PGC President Diane Hernandez: Congratulations to the Placerville Garden Club and especially Donna Ayerst, Communications Director! PGC received a FIRST PLACE AWARD for a Website design from the California Garden Club, Inc.'s annual Awards Competition. The PGC also received a $50 check. Thanks to Donna for her insight, perseverance, and hard work. Congrats to all of the CGCI winners! 

UPDATE: The Placerville Garden Club website won First Place in the National Garden Club's Awards competition!!!

Placerville Garden Club Supports Patients of Snowline Hospice with Flowers for Mother's Day

May 6, 2020: Snowline Hospice reached out to the Placerville Garden Club in a pinch! Due to COVID-19, they were unable to work with their usual florist, so they contacted us. With the help of PGC members Diane Hernandez, Donna AyerstSteph Kiger GablerRae Burnett GambleLinda MartenotSusan Poteet King, Kathie Nowka, and Marilyn Olson-Petersen, the Club was able to gather flowers from our gardens and make approximately 40 bouquets for Hospice patients and their caregivers...just in time for Mother's Day!

(l to r) On May 6, PGC member Rae Burnett Gamble, PGC President Diane Hernandez and PGC Secretary Linda Martenot, among others, joined to create bouquets for Snowline Hospice patients.

(l to r) PGC President Diane Hernandez with Bonnie Davis, CVA,

Director of Workforce Development and Volunteer Services at Snowline Hospice, with bouquets donated by the Placerville Garden Club for the Hospice's patients.