PGC's Virtual Meeting: Members' Content

Your Videos

Is your garden overflowing with beauty? Do you have suggestions for growing an abundant garden? Are you an expert at flower arranging? Would you like to share a tour of your garden? If so, please see a few tips below for making a pleasant video and how to upload your video to YouTube below. Don't forget to send the YouTube link to

  • Video Message from PGC President Diane Hernandez HERE
  • See the changes in Don LaGrand's Somerset Rose Garden!. Quite a difference from the 8" plants we saw last year. HERE

Sharing a Video on the Placerville Garden Club’s Virtual Meeting Website

Create a video of no more than 5 minutes. Subjects might include a tour of your garden; how to to put a hanging basket together; tricks for getting rid of pests; etc., etc.

  • Send your video via email to your computer


  • Download your video to your computer.


  • In your browser, type in


  • On the top right you will see a video camera icon labeled “create”.


  • Click on the icon. A box will open. Click on upload video.


  • A blue box will open asking you to select your video. Your download list will appear.


  • Select your video file from your download list.


  • A window will open for you to Title Your Video, then please add a Short Description in the next box down (your description will be used on our website).


  • Under options, select “not made for children”.


  • Select the Next box, and then select the Next box again


  • Select “Public”


  • Click on the blue “publish” box in the lower right corner.


  • Once your file has published, you will see a pop-up box in the middle of the screen with the URL video link.


  • Please copy and send the video link to Donna will insert the link to “Your Videos” on the PGC Virtual Meeting website. If you have any trouble, please feel free to email her. 


Tips for Making a Decent Video

  • Introduce yourself by providing a little background.

  • Where is your garden?

  • Soft lighting works the best. Late afternoon golden light when the fairies start to come out is good too!


  • Short takes: If you are making a video tour of your garden, shoot what it is you want us to see, then stop the camera and move on to the next thing. You won’t want to have us follow you, but rather to see the glories of your garden. This will give you more time to explain what it is that you are showing us.


  • Get in close if your flowers have something to offer. Go wide when your garden requires it.


  • Keep the dialogue to a minimum unless it adds value.


  • If you are explaining how to do something, be concise.


  • Use a tripod if you are trying to demonstrate something. Everyone appreciates helpful tips and new ways of doing something. Again, be sure the light is on your subject as well as on your face when you are speaking to your audience.


  • Speak up! We really do want to hear what you have to say! It’s always frustrating when the narrator’s voice starts to fade out.


  • You are not competing for an Oscar, so enjoy making your video. Less is more. Sharing is good.

Thanks for joining in!!! We may not be able to have a meeting for a while yet, but this is a good way to share what you are doing with other PGC members.