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The Placerville Garden Club meets the second Tuesday of each month, 10 a.m. to Noon at the Veterans Memorial Building, 130 Placerville Drive, Placerville, CA 95667. The Placerville Garden Club's Board strives to ensure that our meetings are inclusive, interesting, and informative; that our workshops provide new skills or dust off rusty ones; and that we promote community outreach opportunities, along with visits to private and public gardens. We also provide our members with information on fellow California Garden Clubs Inc. events and tours.  Additions for this webpage should be sent to contact at least two weeks in advance of the event. Please note that submissions should emulate the above Club goals, and may be edited.       

Meetings / Events: Changes Due to Covid-19

While our monthly meetings at the Veterans Memorial Building continue to be on hold, we are now holding online Google and Zoom meetings. We will hold outdoor meetings (depending on weather) at the El Dorado County Fairgrounds at 100 Placerville Drive when possible. Due to COVID-19, changes to meeting times and locations will be announced.

Home Grown Habitat: Enhancing Habitat One Yard at a Time
Zoom Meeting Nov. 17, 7 p.m., Presented by CNPS Chair Kit Veerkamp


The El Dorado Chapter of California Native Plant Society is pleased to host Kit Veerkamp, our own Horticulture Chair, on Tues., Nov. 17 at 7 p.m. (the week BEFORE Thanksgiving).

You will learn why and how to go about selecting the right native plants for your new or existing garden. Native plants are a cornerstone of biological diversity on which native animals depend. The ecological armageddon we have brought on through habitat fragmentation is reversible by restoring nature to our own gardens, corporate landscapes, and municipal spaces to provide the connectivity through which animals can move, be sustained, and reproduce. It will be our efforts as individuals that determine whether we will succeed or not. We can do this one garden at a time.

This presentation is open to the public and free of charge. You do not need to download the free Zoom software app (you can connect using your browser via the Zoom website) but we recommend you utilize it for the best result. And, because Kit’s talk will contain many beautiful photos, we suggest you watch on a computer, but you can also join on a phone or tablet.


To join the Nov. 17, 7 p.m. meeting, click on this link Out of respect for the speaker, during the talk please keep your microphone muted, video off, and avoid using the chat feature. We will invite questions at the end. Unfortunately, we will likely not be able to address individual technical difficulties during the talk, but please email if you experience difficulties so that we can address them for next time. 

PGC Google Groups Event on Nov. 10: Guest Speaker Masoud Mousavi on Beekeeping

Hello Everyone!


Isn't this a fantastic time of year? Trees turning, the morning air is cool and crisp, the smell of apple pie baking, and the garden is quieting down in preparation for sleep. 



  • Placerville Garden Club Virtual Meeting

  • Tuesday, November 10,10:00 AM to Noon​ on Google Groups

  • Our speaker will be Beekeeper, Masoud Mousavi. Come learn how to turn your garden into a  special place for pollinators!

  • Don't forget to RSVP to 


Lastly, I found out this weekend that the PGC was selected in the lottery to decorate a Christmas Tree along Highway 50! More info to come.


Diane Hernandez, President

Placerville Garden Club

Thanks to Masoud Mousavi for a fascinating program on beekeeping! Fifteen members of the Placerville Garden Club joined this in-depth presentation, which covered everything you need to know to establish a beehive. 

In-Person Meeting Held at El Dorado County Fairgrounds on Oct. 13    

SEE MORE HERE   AND HERE (at General Meeting Minutes)

Meetings / Events: Calling All Members! The PGC Farm Stand Needs You!

PGC EVENT: New This Year: The PGC Carson Hill Farm Stand

From PGC President Diane Hernandez: Well, it's done and Apple Hill is getting busy! Thanks to my husband Rick for his patience, help, and hard work building the stand. It will be installed at the end of our driveway (2957 Carson Road, Apple Hill)  and open Friday-Sunday through October. The plan is to sell flower bouquets, pumpkins, produce, lavender products (soap, sachets), fall crafts, etc. The proceeds will help support the PGC!  We could really use members' help to fill those baskets/containers by donating flowers (for example...zinnias, sunflowers, dahlias, greenery, etc.) for bouquets, produce, pumpkins, garden-related crafts, etc. Or, do you sew and want to make garden-related masks to sell? Any other ideas? Can you help? Please reply to



OTHER: The Svalbard Global Seed Vault: A Climate Change Plan B


The Svalbard Global Seed Vault holds the seeds of many tens of thousands of varieties of essential food crops such as beans, wheat, and rice. In total, the vault now holds seeds of more than 4000 plant species. These seed samples are duplicates of seed sample stores in national, regional and international gene banks. To learn more about this amazing Norwegian program, please see this video. 

OTHER: Folsom Garden Club's Annual Scholarship Program


Since 2005, the Folsom Garden Club has distributed more than $71,500 to 51 deserving students. To apply, please see the following:

Applicants must be college level, a California resident and one of the following:

  • A resident (permanent home address) of Sacramento, Yolo, El Dorado or Placer County.

  • A temporary resident in Sacramento, Yolo, El Dorado or Placer County while attending college or university.

  • Applicants must be enrolled in one of the designated horticulture majors as outlined in the Application materials.


Please see the following forms for full requirements: FGC Scholar Eligibility Flyer       FGC Scholar Eligibility Application

OTHER: How Climate Change May Affect the Plants in Your Garden


The New York Times published an article on how warmer winters in some areas will result in the plant hardiness zone chart to be revised. The chart helps gardeners determine which plants will survive to overwinter in their area. This spring, many of us have noticed that some plants--particularly annuals--managed to survive winter, while others blossomed earlier. READ THE ARTICLE HERE

OTHER: El Dorado County's Dead Tree Removal Program


While you may not need the sort of equipment seen in the adjacent photo, you may qualify for this important program. The criteria require that dead and dying trees must be: 1) greater than 10 inches in diameter and 20 feet in height; 2) must be within 300 feet of, and pose a structural threat to, the residence; and 3) must also be reasonably accessible by equipment or machinery. Seniors 60 and above are eligible, dependent on income. For more information SEE HERE.

OTHER: Make the Pledge to Compost


Timothy Engle, a Supervising Health Specialist with El Dorado County, spoke on the value of composting organic material in the home. The County invites you to take the pledge to compost your organic materials and to get you started, they are offering a free home compost bin (quantities limited). To make the pledge to compost and to get your bin, please SEE HERE